Wednesday, December 8, 2010

INFO: Biasiswa Maxis (Maxis Scholarship For Excellence 2010/11)

*CLOSING DATE: 11th December 2010

Application Requirements
Before filling in the online application form, please note that MAXIS DOES NOT ACCEPT HARD COPIES OF ANY DOCUMENTS. Applicants must prepare soft copies of the following documents, which should be attached with the form and sent to the scholarship committee.

  • Proof of age (Certified Birth Certificate / Certified I.C.),
  • Relevant academic transcripts including your SPM and foundation course results(STPM Results / A-Level Results / Matriculation Results / Diploma Results / Foundation Study Results),
  • Letter of admission from the university,
  • Two letters of recommendation from people who are qualified to provide insight into the applicant’s potential for success and leadership,
  • Résumé (This MUST be included if the applicant has any prior work experience)
  • Any other documents that applicants wish to submit to strengthen their application including copies of articles written, reports of volunteer work, extra-curricular certificates etc.
All attached documents must be in PDF format. Each document must not exceed the maximum file size of 500 KB.

Selection process
Upon submission, the Scholarship committee will review the applications and shortlist candidates for interviews. There will be 1 application evaluation and 2 rounds of interviews before the final list of scholars are announced.

The application evaluation period will run for 3 weeks after the closing date. The 1st round of interviews will occur 1 month after the closing date, while the 2nd round of interviews will occur 1 month after the 1st round of interviews. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

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